Hampshire Garden Design – 3D Visualisation

Winchester Garden Design – Contemporary City Garden

Southampton Garden Design – Cottage Garden

Why do we use 3D Visualisation?

  • Our garden designer can experiment with different options and possibilities for your garden design before settling on the one that seems to be best for you. Other techniques such as line drawing or painting have to be fixed in the garden designers mind before committing to paper. Our approach is flexible and maximises choice.
  • The 3D Visualisation of your garden design is real enough to give you a genuine feeling of knowing exactly what your garden will look like. We take great pains to show you what the garden design will look like next to a very realistic model of your house and its surroundings.
  • Our 3D Visualisation will take you on a guided tour of your new garden design showing you what the view will look like from different points of interest. Next to your new patio, or beside your new pond, or maybe strolling next to your new planting looking back towards the house.
  • Depending on your confidence with new things on your computer, we can give you a copy of the garden design and free display software so that you can review the model with friends and family. If you prefer we can give you a set of pictures to look at instead.
  • Our garden designer can then take your feedback and make some adjustments or changes to the model if need be until you are completely confident that you have the garden design that you are looking for.
  • Once we have reached this stage then the software we use can automatically and accurately produce most of the plans and drawings that we need to get the garden design built and we provide this to you as both a digital library and paper copies.

We think you will enjoy the experience, we have had so much positive feedback on how this approach works well from so many of our clients.