Bournemouth Garden Design

Bournemouth Garden Design – The Icing on the Cake

Bournemouth Garden Design complements its house and surroundings.

This beautiful house in Bournemouth had a lovely sized plot with plenty of potential for its new garden design. An interesting shape, two gardens in one, some excellent planting in the main part of the garden, but not much else going for it.

Our garden designer was keen to be sure that the new garden design not only reflected the tastes of the client but worked well with the house with its strong architecture. A very light and large area of limestone paving was added to the front and side of the house laid in a design with very strong straight lines. The edges of the paving will eventually be framed with box hedging in tune with the elegant lines of the house and framing the planting with formal tidiness. Rendered block walls finished to match the render of the house formed a seating area next to the new greenhouse and the raised vegetable borders next to the side of the house. A nice level lawn finished the effect and the borders to its side were topped off with a long wooden structure on each side for colourful climbers to add another dimension to the planting.

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