Hampshire Garden Design – How We Work

Consultation – Friendly and Free

Normally takes around 1-2 hours and is free with no obligation to continue. Our designer will listen to your ideas and show you some examples of work we have done before. We will prepare a detailed quotation to design your garden at this stage.

Survey and Information Gathering – Revealing and Fun

If you decide to go ahead we will arrange a second meeting with you to discuss your requirements and ideas in more detail. We have one or two techniques we can share with you to help you define your dream garden and make some decisions. At this meeting we will undertake a site survey of your garden to take detailed measurements, assess other factors such as levels and drainage, and take photos and video.

Inspiration and Modelling

Time for our designer to seek inspiration and build your design. In our view every garden design should be unique and this can sometimes take a little while but not normally more than a week to ten days. Our state of the art 3D modelling techniques mean that our designer can easily experiment with different ideas for your garden until happy with the end result.

The Big Reveal – Presenting Your Design

Once your design is ready our designer will visit you in your home to show you a high quality 3D visualisation of your new design. Using our state of the art software we can take you on a journey through your new garden before you commit to the next stage. Our designer can arrange for you to have a copy of your design and some free software to enable you to view it at your own pace, or if you prefer you can have pictures of what the new garden will look like.

Contemplation, Feedback, and Tweaking

While our designer is usually pretty confident he has come up with the goods, you do have the opportunity to contemplate and discuss any changes you might need. We can discuss your feedback and let you see the changes so that you can be 100% confident you have a design that is perfect for you.

Finalising Your Design

Once you are confident in the appearance of the design we can move onto producing your high quality materials which will consist of; a scale landscaping plan to A1 or A3, suggested landscaping materials, site photography, planting maps to A3, and a planting list. In addition to paper copies we will provide you with a digital library of all your materials.

Quotation and Lets Build – Getting Your Garden Built

At this stage we will introduce you to one of our trusted landscaping partners to obtain a quotation to get your garden built. If the price is too high then we will work with you to bring it in line with your expectations. We can usually do this by; changing materials, phasing the build, or adjusting the design Once you have agreed the quotation then we can schedule your new garden to be built. Our designer will work closely with both you and the landscaping team during the build.

Contact Us Today

Please use the contact form above or call us on 01329 483977 or 077 3606 3806.