Fareham Garden Design

Fareham Garden Design – Circles and Stone

This Fareham Garden Design had some interesting challenges.

The nicely sized garden was pretty uninspiring and in a desperate need of a complete rework. The garden was dominated by three things; a large conservatory, a large lawn, and a very tall hedge.

The conservatory had been added to the house and led straight onto the lawn with no transitional paving. The lawn was pretty bumpy and uneven and sloped gradually down the plot in different directions. The hedge was a tricky one as the client was not keen to lose it. Our designer pointed out the issues it caused in terms of taking up a lot of space, dominating the garden, and robbing any new planting of light, water, and nutrients. The final straw was the need for it to be maintained at some expense twice per year.

The clients preferences and the shape of the garden leant itself very nicely to the placing of two circular interconnecting lawns that were elevated slightly above the rest of the garden with rings of stone setts. A beautifully striking riven sandstone paving was added to the back of the house in a dog-tooth fashion amongst ornamental gravel which also formed the mulch for the borders ready for planting. Finally a sandstone circle was placed off the centre of one of the lawns and topped with a bespoke pergola to provide a nice peaceful corner away from the house.

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Fareham Garden Design