Online Services

We are now offering an online design service to our clients. Exploiting everyday technology we can deliver high quality digital 3D models, viewing software and digital documentation. This saves us a great deal of time and money in client visits and we are offering this service at significantly reduced fees. The process works as follows.

  • Client takes photos of garden and takes measurements.

  • We provide a quotation and define what we will provide.

  • Client completes questionnaire and builds Pinterest Boards to assemble a complete picture of requirements and vision for us.

  • Teleconferencing between the clients and us to ensure frequent and effective communication during the process.

  • We produce all the design materials digitally for use with our landscapers as digital media or paper copies.

  • Our landscaping teams visit your garden provide a quotation then build your garden.

  • We provide guidance and expertise all the way until the garden is complete.

  • This is a proven process we have used with several clients since the beginning of 2017.

Please use our contact page if you want to explore this option.